DevOps Engineer

Job Summary
NCPL is seeking a qualified DevOps Engineer. The successful candidate will have expert knowledge of and experience in setup, maintenance, and configuration of third party cloud services such as AWS or Openstack. This includes elastic dynamic hosting solutions as well as core tech services like storage, database, queuing, analytics, monitoring, networking, security, and deployment.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Writing specifications and documentation
  • CI/CD management and automation
  • Work with automation services and platforms
  • Scripting and coding
  • Infrastructure management
  • Performance assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications
  • BS/MS in Computer Sciences or a related field
  • IT operations
  • Data management
  • Open-source automation tools (Git, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Nagios, Zabbix)
  • Cloud services (Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Programming languages (Java, C#, C++, PHP, Ruby)
  • Scripting languages (Bash, Powershell, Python, Perl)
  • SQL or NoSQL database Benefits

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